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Past Winning Numbers

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kumantong 4D Master Strike Direct Starter - 28 May 2017 , Sunday

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 1894 by using Shake Cup Method and gave 0623 by using Pendulum Dowsing Method. At night, 1894 came out as Direct Starter.

This 4D Prediction is Kumantong 4D Master's own Personal 4D Prediction. Usually if Strike is on TOP 3 Prize. Kumantong play punk, only give Direct Starter.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Miss 1 number on 1st Prize - 21st May 2017 - 4107 come out as 1040 - 1st Prize

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 4107, at night came out as 1040 - 1st Prize. Miss 1 number on 1st Prize.

Kumantong 4D Prediction is either Hit TOP 3, or worst case is miss 1 number on TOP 3.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 7781 came out 7378 - 2nd Prize - Miss 1 number - 17th May 2017

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 7781 came out 7378 - 2nd Prize - Miss 1 number - 17th May 2017.
Kumantong 4D Prediction is usually either hit TOP 3 Prize, or Miss 1 Number on TOP 3.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Oil Bottle Kumantong Play Punk - Almost hit Ibet 2nd Prize

Oil Bottle Kumantong is used to predict Singapore 4D Prediction. It gave 7501. At night, 2nd Prize come out as 6751. Oil Bottle Kumantong gave a 0 and forgot to gave a tail with it. Almost hit Ibet 2nd Prize. Miss 1 number on 2nd Prize.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Damn Lucky! Didn't Strike TOP 3!

Kumantongs today help me save money and also let me strike abit. Today wanted to pump direct small and direct big on my Personal 4D Numbers given by Kumantongs but both totally sold-out, so have to end up buying Ibet Small & Ibet Big.

Kumantongs gave 9509 for 4D Prediction. Both Direct Small & Direct Big were sold out. Have to end up betting on Ibet Small & Ibet Big.

9509 didn't come out on the TOP 3 Prizes. It come out as 0959 - Ibet Consolation Prize.

Kumantongs know I can't win TOP 3 Prizes today, so let me win Ibet Consolation instead. Hitting on Ibet Consolation or Ibet Starter is a warning given by Kumantongs that the same numbers might come out as TOP 3 soon.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Beware Of Fake 4D Masters

Over at Facebook Website, You get to see some Facebook Pages & Facebook Groups promoting their 4D Prediction Services.

You will notice some “4D Masters” (usually from Malaysia) proclaim that they have 100% sure strike 4D Numbers and Confirm Hit Direct TOP 3 Prizes. You just need to pay few hundreds to few thousand dollars to receive their "100% Sure Strike" 4D Numbers.

When the result come out at night, the 4D numbers sold to You by these "4D Masters" never come out. You Whatsapp / SMS / Call the "4D Masters" for an answer, their phone numbers are blocked. You then realised You've got cheated.

Over at those 4D Pages and in the 4D Groups, You noticed they show off many of their Direct 1st Prize "Winning Tickets" bet in hundred over dollars. Actually those are Fake "Winning" Tickets, edited with image editing software or photoshopped.

Kumantong 4D Master doesn't understand how come there are people who can get conned / cheated by those Bullshit 4D Masters.

Words Of Wisdom: When a "4D Master" tells You it is 100% Confirm Sure Strike 4D Prediction and need to pay few hundred dollars for it, then it is 100% bullshit.

Even Kumantong 4D Master, who is considered the man who provides the Best 4D Prediction among the Real 4D Masters, still dare not claim that it is 100% confirm strike.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Almost Hit 4D Direct 3RD Prize - Double Same Digits Changed!

Kumantongs gave 3100 for Kumantong 4D Master's personal 4D Prediction. At night, come out 3144 - Direct 3rd Prize.  00 becomes 44, orelse Direct 3RD Prize. Kumantongs purposely play Kumantong 4D Master's Backside again.